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Subscription Plans

Enterprise pricing discontinued with Subscription


The WERCSmart subscription program is flexible and allows you to select an option that best fits your product portfolio and data management needs. Our plans allow you to provide retailers with pertinent information needed to on-board your products, while simultaneously taking advantage of additional services UL has to offer.

All features of Standard and Limited plus:
  • Exclusive access to insights from a team of UL global regulatory experts
  • Guidance to navigate compliance requirements such as TSCA, VOC limits and Prop 65
  • Cost reduction strategies to reduce disposal costs
  • Solutions to get your products on store shelves faster
  • A consumer-facing channel to advertise your products to over a million consumers
  • An opportunity to preview product assessment results to review and revise product information before communicating it to retailers
  • A comparative analysis of your products’ attributes to ECOLOGO sustainability standards to gain insight on the certification readiness of your products
All features of limited, plus:
  • Technical assistance with dedicated, personalized troubleshooting
  • Sustainability product assessments for shelving at major retailers with sustainability mandates
  • Science-based product evaluations to meet increased consumer demand for transparency
  • One-click product information transfers to over 40 retailers
  • Basic tools to stay compliant and on store shelves
  • Help desk resources and support

Plan Options

Product Registration
Ensure your products meet the compliance requirements of over 40 retailers by submitting your product information in our secure software platform.
As regulations change, so will your reporting obligations. These changes will also require product updates. With subscription, you now have the ability to update existing product data and submit revisions for assessment at no additional charge.
Product Forwarding
As a WERCSmart subscriber, you will benefit from transmitting your product assessment with ease to over 40 retailers. As more retailers continue to join WERCSmart for their compliance and sustainability information, you can forward existing product registrations at any time for no additional charge.
UPC Management
Add or remove UPCs efficiently and as needed from your existing product registrations at no additional charge.
Bronze Agent Support Services
Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated account agent, with technical expertise, to assist with answering questions related to product registrations, holds, re-certifications and updates. On the next screen, you will be able to upgrade to Silver or Gold Agent Support Services for additional data entry, advanced reporting and liaison services.
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PurView Sustainability Platform
In addition to managing data for purposes of retailer regulatory compliance needs, retailer mandated sustainability reporting obligations are growing in number throughout the retail community. Avoid having to enter the same data in multiple places by electing to have your WERCSmart product data shared with the UL PurView platform.
GoodGuide Rating
Use the product data you have entered in WERCSmart to generate a GoodGuide product rating. This rating enables your company to market the product to an audience of over 1 million targeted consumers each month
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Product Assessment Preview
See important product assessment results 2-business days before they are passed on to the retailer! If there are questions about your results, you will have those 2-business days to inquire with UL’s regulatory experts on the following topics: waste, transportation, California proposition 65, VOC and fire codes.
Transportation Classification Regulatory Support
Avoid potential delays and pitfalls by relying on UL's regulatory experts to provide information and insights into your transportation classifications. You may be eligible for exemptions and exceptions that will save you money and get your products on the store shelves faster.
Waste Classification Regulatory Support
Many retailers are now passing the costs of hazardous waste disposal on to manufacturers like you! Understanding hazardous waste classification requirements and the basis for your products classifications is more important than ever. Rely on UL's regulatory experts to review and provide guidance to minimize your costs.
VOC Classification Regulatory Support
Regulations around VOC are growing in size and complexity. Our regulatory experts will work with you to ensure your organizations products are compliant in the markets you serve.
UL ECOLOGO Readiness Assessment
With over 500 institutional procurement specifications for ECOLOGO Certified products, the readiness assessment will help you access the green building marketplace. The assessment evaluates the readiness of cleaning products to ECOLOGO multi-attribute sustainability standards and will expand to include other products such as personal care.
A draft OSHA Compliant Safety Data Sheet
Efect to have an OSHA-compliant GHS Safety Data Sheet(SDS) in a UL-approved format for each of your active products.

Product Tiers

Subscription fees and tier ranges are determined by the number of currently active formulated and articles products. Our subscription support tool makes it easy for you to find the most appropriate, cost-effective plan.

  • Products which contain chemical ingredients.
Battery-containing Products, Light Bulbs, Electronics, Kits & Gift Packs
  • Non-regulated Battery-containing Products – A product which is sold with 1+ batteries included. None of the batteries are Lithium or Lead-Acid battery types.
  • Regulated Battery-containing Products – A product which is sold with 1+ batteries included. One or more of the batteries are Lithium or Lead-Acid battery types.
  • Non-formulated Light Bulbs – A non-regulated light bulb which contains no hazardous components or ingredients.
  • Electronics – Products without a battery included, but have a circuit board included.
  • Copper Wire Only – Product does not contain battery, circuit board or any type of chemical. Likely has only a plug.
  • Kits & Gift Packs: Two or more unrelated/different products combined to share a UPC.– The product assessments must be complete before they are included in a Kit.
Note: Requests for WERCSmart Professional Services, such as Authoring and selected reports, are not included with Subscription Plans and will be billed as incurred.
Note: Companies providing 3rd party formulations are not subject to subscription tiers and should not be considered as part of your total number of formulated products.

How to Get Started

If you currently have products in WERCSmart:

Subscription pricing is based upon active products. If you currently manage products in WERCSmart, first make sure the product information we have for you is up-to-date. You will view a list of products you have archived. Before proceeding to the next step, you will need to change the status of archived products to either active or obsolete. Once a product becomes obsolete, you will no longer have access to that product data. It is important to note, such data will be permanently deleted from your WERCSmart account.

If you are new to WERCSmart:

Proceed to the next step

Plan Selection

You will be able to select one subscription plan from the above three options. We will provide short descriptions for each available service as well as general guidance on the right-hand side of the page to help you choose a plan.

Product Selection

You will be able to choose a product tier representing the number of 1) formulated products and 2) articles that will require product assessments on an annual basis. You will have the ability to change your product tier to a higher tier at any point in the future. You can select a tier for formulated products by clicking on the price.

Agent Services

The Standand and Premium subscription plans include the Bronze Agent Support Services. You will have the opportunity to review the services for gold and silver and upgrade by selecting the appropriate “upgrade now” button. If you choose the Limited subscription plan, you will have the option to choose any of the three support services for an additional fee.

Payment Selection

Your subscription can be paid by credit card, ACH, PayPal® or Wire Transfer.


1. What is included in my subscription?

  1. Product registrations, forwarding, data updates
  2. UPC additions and edits up to a maximum of 500 active UPCs per product
  3. Pesticide registration data maintenance
  4. VOC data maintenance
  5. Document uploads when permitted (non-OTC private -label products require authoring by some participants)

2. What is not included in my subscription?

  1. SDS Authoring
  2. UL Secure Connect
  3. Custom reports

3. How do I determine my subscription Tier?

WERCSmart will calculate your subscription tier based on your active number of products and product types (formulated or articles). You may then select the subscription tier and plan of your choice.

4. Can I continue to use the transactional Pricing?

No. Suppliers must subscribe by July 1, 2016. Any product updates after July 1 cannot be processed unless a subscription tier and plan is selected.

5. What steps do I need to consider before subscribing?

It is recommended that you evaluate your product portfolio before you subscribe. The subscription process will present you the opportunity to Obsolete products which are currently in Archived status. Once this process has been completed, the system will display the pricing tier for your Active products. It is also recommended to review your budget with your financial department and gain any approvals required by your company.

6. What happens when I go to the next tier in the middle of the year?

Should you outgrow your current subscription tier, the system will automatically notify you. A pro-rated invoice will be provided based upon the annual date of renewal. A supplier simply pays the updated amount and continues with your subscription advantages.

7. What happens when I need to go down a tier in the middle of the year?

The subscription tier is for a full year. Upon annual renewal you may make adjustments for the subsequent period.

8. How do I pay my subscription?

Your subscription can be paid by credit card, ACH, PayPal® or Wire Transfer.


Product not yet accepted for assessment
  • Product has been submitted for assessment
  • 1-year active status required on a product before it may be made Obsolete
    • The 1-year subscription term is started (or)
    • Is based on the last supplier submission date for the product if subscription is already in place
  • If UPC is on product in error, and product is not eligible to be made Obsolete, all UPCs may be made inactive to allow for use on another registration
  • UPC may only be active on one product at a time and cannot be active on 2 or more separate products
  • UPC assessment data is available
  • Product not currently maintained
  • Supplier no longer manufacturers this product nor has any inventory in stock
  • UPCs are removed from OBSOLETED products
  • Product no longer is included in the annual subscription
  • Product is not retrievable in any manner and can not be returned to ACTIVE status
  • Product may be at the Retailer locations (warehouse, retail outlet, return center)
  • UPC assessment data is available, but product is indicated as Obsolete so the retailer is aware that maintenance of the data is no longer occurring

Product Age:

1-year from supplier’s last submission date, which includes UPC, product forwards, and recertifications. Submissions which are the result of a Retailer’s Item Sync process will not count toward your product’s age.


GoodGuide is a product rating and review system designed to help inform consumers' purchase decisions. A supplier can elect to have any product analyzed on WERCsmart using the GoodGuide rating algorithm. Please note that full formulation data is kept within the WERCSmart system.

For a product, the supplier is provided the opportunity to 1) preview the product's GoodGuide Score and 2) choose whether to submit the product, its score and equivalent chemical names for certain CAS numbers to GoodGuide for public disclosure. The publicly disclosed chemical names would be equivalent to those CAS numbers checked on the WERCSmart Formulation page as appearing on a Safety Data Sheet, label or public website.

Click here to learn more about GoodGuide


The PurView module is a customizable sustainability rating tool. A supplier can submit WERCSmart product data to PurView to be analyzed according to a particular retailer's sustainability framework.

Agent Services:

A personal, on-hand WERCSmart account agent who can help monitor and manage your daily account needs. Packages range from basic data management and account assistance to comprehensive product maintenance and liaison services.

Click here to learn more about Agent Services