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We want to assist you in providing your product into the marketplace!

Through WERCSmart, UL Information & Insights Inc. ("UL I&I") provides products and services that assist companies managing regulated products and sustainability goals, including the safe handling, storage, transportation and disposal of such products.


A WERCSmart Participant has directed you to this site to register your product as part of its onboarding process regardless of whether your product contains harmful or hazardous materials.

Account Management

Suppliers must establish a WERCSmart account. An account provides for multiple users and administrators. If you are new to WERCSmart, please click on the Login link above to set up an account.

WERCSmart Participants

Numerous retailers rely on the WERCSmart content derived from information you provide.

Retailer needs vary.

Subscription Options

Choose a subscription plan tier that best meets your product needs. Annual fees are based on the number and type of active, registered products.

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UL Information & Insights Inc.

We do more than provide content to WERCSmart Participants. We offer a team of professionals with deep experience in various industries and can provide consulting as well as safety data sheet authoring services.

Additional Resources

If you still have questions or need further assistance, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you through either our Chat button or phone support, found in the Help menu or the lower right corner of the screen.